Table 1: Specific Heats and Specific Volumes of Various Liquids and Solids
Table 2: Molecular Weights and Critical Constants
Table 3: Polynomial Expressions for Various Gases
Table 4: Mean Specific Heats between 25 °C and 2600 °C for Various Gases
Table 5: Ideal Gas Properties of Air at Low Pressure
Table 6: Ideal Gas Properties of Nitrogen at Low Pressure
Table 7: Ideal Gas Properties of Oxygen at Low Pressure
Table 8: Ideal Gas Properties of Water Vapor at Low Pressure
Table 9: Ideal Gas Properties of Carbon Dioxide at Low Pressure
Table 10: Properties of Saturated Water: Temperature Table
Table 11: Properties of Saturated Water: Pressure Table
Table 12: Properties of Superheated Steam
Table 13: Properties Water in the Compressed Liquid State
Table 14: Properties of Saturated Refrigerant R-134a: Temperature Table
Table 15: Properties of Saturated Refrigerant R-134a: Pressure Table
Table 16: Properties of Superheated Refrigerant R-134a
Table 17: Properties of Saturated Ammonia: Temperature Table
Table 18: Properties of Saturated Ammonia: Pressure Table
Table 19: Properties of Superheated Ammonia